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 teb16.Act II Overture.mp32013-08-17 22:58 2.8M 
 teb16.Act II Scene III The Acquisition.mp32013-08-17 22:59 3.3M 
 teb16.Act II Scene II The Answer.mp32013-08-17 22:59 4.5M 
 teb16.Act II Scene I The Discussion.mp32013-08-17 22:58 2.8M 
 teb16.Act II Scene IV The Obtainment.mp32013-08-17 23:00 2.6M 
 teb16.Act II Scene V Success.mp32013-08-17 23:00 3.1M 
 teb16.Act I Prologue.mp32013-08-17 22:56 797K 
 teb16.Act I Scene III The Obstacle.mp32013-08-17 22:57 1.9M 
 teb16.Act I Scene II The Dream.mp32013-08-17 22:57 5.8M 
 teb16.Act I Scene I The Discussion.mp32013-08-17 22:56 2.7M 
 teb16.Act I Scene IV The Problem.mp32013-08-17 22:57 2.5M